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Thursday, October 26, 2017
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On October 16, 2015 ASEM submitted this request/proposal to the Coordinated Compensation Panel - pdf click here to review (52 KB) .

On October 21, 2015, the Panel provided this response - pdf click here to view (200 KB) .

On Tuesday, November 03, 2015, ASEM President Jennifer Fields and ASEM Board Advisor, Andre Friedlis, met with the members of the Coordinated Compensation Panel:  SUSAN H. ZURVALEC, CHAIR; WILLIAM J. BRAMAN, MEMBER; JUDGE WILLIAM C. WHITBECK, MEMBER.  Fields and Friedlis were able to discuss ASEM's position statement.  The Office of State Employer is willing to discuss:

  • Increasing final annual leave payout by 8 hours
  • How ASEM can advertise our services to all State Employees

There was a discussion about Pay for Performance and our suggestion that managers need to meet with Pay for Performance Eligible Employees and advise them what is needed to be accomplished in order to earn Pay For Performance, when a Department has the funds available.  Judge Whitbeck had many questions about Pay for Performance as he thought it was not in practice.  He was advised it is still an option but departments do not have a standard policy.   Fields passed out a copy of  Civil Service regulation 5.07 and advised them that nowhere does it state eligible employees should be told prior to working for Pay for Performance what they need to do to receive it.

At the end of the meeting, Marie Waalkes agreed to also discuss the Pay for issue with ASEM.  Fields is very pleased that we can discuss this issue further.